Our Story
The Nut House Fruit Barn has been loyally serving the community of Ulverstone for over a quarter century now. Over the years, we’ve continued to expand our selection of locally-grown produce and organic products. One thing that’s always remained the same, however, is our intense dedication to our loyal shoppers. 

We offer a wide selection of local fruit and veg, along with many nuts and grains. For shoppers with a sweet tooth, we even feature an array of organic honey. You’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for here at the shop.
In addition to our home-grown selection, we offer much of the latest health food to hit the market.
Our Farmers
The rich volcanic red soil of North-West Tasmania is the salad bowl of our business, based in Ulverstone. We are blessed to be surrounded by lush farms in one of the best temperate climates in the world. Within a 80km radius, we have some of the best organic producers in Australia: the cheese and milk-producing cows of Elgaar Farm, who are known by name; the vegetables of Forest Hill farm in the Forth Valley; the stunning grains from neighbouring Kindred Organics, just 12 km away; and the cheese and milk-producing goats of Mathom Farm at beautiful Gunns Plains. Ulverstone sits on the banks of the wild Leven River on the edge of Bass Strait, where the sheltered northerly seaside properties reap the benefit of the trapped sun and allow the earliest crops in Tasmania, including our renowned slippery-flesh "new" Bismarck and Pink-Eye potatoes.
Our Store
Have you been scouring the greater Tasmania region for some home-grown produce? Perhaps you’re interested in purchasing more organic foods? Whatever the case may be, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Here at The Nut House Fruit Barn, we offer a wide selection of local fruit and veg with good old-fashioned service – we even help you carry your shopping to your car!

On top of that, the inventory at The Nut House Fruit Barn includes the latest in organic and health food products.

We even feature an in-house butcher to tend to your needs.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our current selection, please call us on 03 6425 3290.
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